Kid Friendly Activities in Halifax

July 29, 2009

in Halifax

What does a great Kid Friendly day in Halifax include? In a nutshell – the Citadel, the harbour, and time permitting the Discovery Centre.

Halifax Citadel

Picture yourself in the Guard Box at the Halifax Citadel

Picture yourself in the Guard Box at the Halifax Citadel

The view at the top of the grassy hill overlooking the Halifax harbour is well worth the climbing effort. As a child I remember burning off energy by rolling down the hill.

Inside the Citadel, especially in the summer, it feels a bit like you’ve traveled back in time to 1869! Summer staff portraying the Royal Artillery can be seen about the fort performing their duties – marching, guarding and firing the noon gun. Exhibits including  the soldiers uniforms are displayed in the small rooms lining the center courtyard. It’s hard to believe that over one hundred years ago the average soldier was much shorter than the average person today.

There are videos to watch in several locations, room to run in the central courtyard, guard boxes to clown around in – and washrooms. This is a great place to come to get a feel for the military past of Halifax.

Halifax Harbour

To reach the Halifax Harbour  boardwalk, walk down the hill towards the waterfront until you reach the boardwalk (just before the water :) ). The boardwalk goes to your right and left stretching 3.8 km from (Pier 21 to Casino Nova Scotia). You can get on and off the boardwalk easily. Along the way you can see tugboats and if you’re lucky tall masted schooners moored along the finger piers.

Children can enjoy climbing and playing around the “ship-wreck” play structure, the ship anchors or try climbing the whale’s tail. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic features an exhibit of Theodore Tugboat. With models and sets from the television series visitors can gain an understanding of how a busy harbour works. The museum contains a wealth of maritime knowledge – ‘Golden Age of Sail’, Shipwreck Treasures of Nova Scotia.

From the museum, if you walk towards the ferry terminal (Halifax-Woodside(Dartmouth)) you’ll see more of Theodore Tugboat (in season) – there’s a store as well as a real tugboat Theodore Too – ready to take you (weather permitting) on a harbour tour!

If hunger pains are hitting or legs are getting weary there are lots of options to choose from – for fabulous ice cream and humorous t shirts try “COWS” ice cream – chosen by Reader’s Digest as the Best Ice Cream in Canada (2006) or a Beavertail – whole wheat pastry stretched into the shape of a beavertail – served piping hot – with a choice of toppings. Or any of the nearby restaurants for a sit down meal.

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