DayTripper Nova Scotia is designed to be a resource for enjoying the bounty of Nova Scotia – with an initial focus on trips within approximately an hour’s drive from Halifax.

The inspirational seed for this resource came from a presentation I gave last year at a Toastmaster meeting on Nova Scotia. The feedback that I received told me that there are lots of people who didn’t realize how beautiful Nova Scotia is.

About the Author

My name is Jennifer Dobson. I live in Ottawa, Canada. All my life I remember traveling to the east coast – most often for summer vacations as a family. When I left home and headed to university I found that I had developed a yearning to visit the east coast. I managed to get my fix by working on the east coast for two summers.

The first vacation my husband and I took (after the honeymoon) was to the Maritimes. I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been there. As each of my children were born I had to take them to the Maritimes. Luckily for me my sister settled near Halifax – in a house overlooking St. Margaret’s Bay. Since then the visits have become more frequent and sprinkled throughout the year.

I’ve developed a short list of favourites – places that I have to revisit each time I go and a much longer list of memorable places – well worth a visit.

Home Base Traveling

My favorite way of traveling is to sleep in the same place many nights in a row but set out each day in search of a new adventure. As long as the drive each day is limited to a maximum of two hours each way – with plenty of time to explore the destination – it works. Each night is spent unwinding, eating, enjoying the company of each other, reliving the adventures of the day, enjoying the “home base”.

If you have a favourite place in Nova Scotia please let me know. I’d love to grow my list.

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